I find windowsills rather challenging even though I'm sure they shouldn't be.  I often wish I didn't have them so I wouldn't have to think about what to put on them.  I have been scouring sites and magazines looking for inspiration but have discovered that windowsills receive very little attention.  Most of mine are works in progress.

I have been collecting the little windowsill inspiration I can find on my Pinterest board but have yet to put any ideas into practice.  I've noticed that some of the better-looking sills have books on them, but I can't quite bring myself to do that as the thought of the pages of my books yellowing and crinkling in the sun makes me a bit glum as I am a bit precious when it comes to books.  I've convinced myself that once the super-stylish photo has been taken that the stylist whips the books off the windowsill and back onto their shelves.

This is the best I have managed to achieve so far with my own kitchen windowsill, but it needs work as the objects look a bit like soldiers lined up and there is just too much going on.  A nice view probably helps, too - my garden is, as you can see, a bit on the dull side at the moment, although one of my nephews is coming in a couple of weeks to help me start to put that right.  I think I will have to come back to windowsills.  More research and practice required.